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Digital Marketing Specialists 

With over twenty years experience in marketing, our staff have been brought up in the digital marketing revolution. We were taught that marketing was a science, however, we strongly believe that digital marketing is an art form. Effective digital marketing combines killer design with instinctive insight into the way a market reacts with ideas and concepts. Successful campaigns are crafted by market knowledge and testing and trying, prodding and capturing feedback on the way the market is reacting to your ads and posts.

At Clientology we pride ourselves on developing digital marketing strategies that provided proven Return on Investment at the earliest possible milestone. That way our clients can have real marketing data to drive the decision on how a marketing budget should be spent.

Killer Design

Good marketing design is about inciting passion, and ensuring that people have an emotional response to your design. Designs can give people feelings of trust, nostalgia, strength and reliability. Good design is also fun to use and makes people feel as though they want to come back to a brand or a buying experience. 

Talk to us about your brand, and the experience that you want your visitors to have. We can connect customers and clients to your business.

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The Stretton Centre

Clientologys Australian home is The Stretton Center in the outer northern suburbs on Adelaide. 

The Stretton Center is an innovative building designed by the City of Playford to provide a flexible working space for developing business. Its the ideal venue for our project based workflow as the building also houses some of our collaborators, and makes it easy for our flexible workforce to be situated all in the one location.



Earle Webber Email Earle...

Earle Webber

Managing Director / Web Marketing Guru
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Maddie Schwartz

Admin Manager
Tan van Gult Email Tan...

Tan van Gult

Don Harper Email Don...

Donald Harper

Puku Webber Email Puku

Puku Webber

Guest Services / Team Morale


At Clientology we have a wide range of skills and tools to assist you in optimizing your digital marketing.


  • Web Design
  • Landing Pages
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Newsletter Design
  • Tools
  • Online Content Management (CMS)
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Web Forums
  • Social Network Integration


  • Video Editing, Production
  • Audio Editing, Production
  • Video Audio Broadcast
  • Social Media Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Services
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Media Consulting


For an obligation free discussion on what would be required to ensure that your digital media is in optimal condition please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
We would love to have the opportunity to suggest some options and alternatives.

Call 1300 795 339


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